May JDR highlights

I welcome this opportunity to use this blog site to encourage dialogue in the advancement of science in oral, dental and craniofacial research. This blog will serve to allow discourse on research innovations and breakthroughs that are propagated by the Journal of Dental Research.  I will work with the IADR and AADR, our editors, editorial board and authors to highlight recent findings in the field. 

In the May issue of the Journal of Dental Research, please see the invited editorial by our past president of the IADR, Professor David Williams ( ).  Professor Williams showcases the recent proceedings on the IADR conference held last summer in Barcelona entitled: “Global Oral Health Inequalities: The Research Agenda”.  The online version of this proceedings supplement can be found in the May issue of Advances in Dental Research.  The proceedings displays a scholarly and what we believe will be impactful working group findings on addressing oral health inequalities at the global level (see: ).