August JDR Highlights

In the August issue of the JDR, we regret to report the passing of former IADR and AADR presidents, Drs. James Avery and Irwin Mandel, respectively.  Both of these individuals were giants in the field of oral health research and provided outstanding leadership to the Associations.  They will both be greatly missed and the journal appreciates the fitting tributes put forth by Drs. Dan Chiego (  and Larry Tabak ( on these great men.

This issue of the journal highlights ( some very exciting research, with particularly excellent Critical Reviews in Oral Biology and Medicine papers in dental biomaterials.  These papers showcase the performance of dental ceramics ( by Rekow and colleagues as well as new  strategies to prevent bond degradation by Liu and co-workers ( In the clinical arena, a systematic review on the clinical effectiveness of mini-screw implants, a growing strategy being used to promote intra-oral anchorage in orthodontics (

July JDR Highlights

In the July issue of the Journal of Dental Research, we have an interesting invited editorial by Professors Gottfried Schmalz and Kerstin Galler on the dynamic area of pulp biology and regeneration ( ). Pulp regenerative medicine is beautifully highlighted in a series of papers published in a special issue co-edited by Profs. Schmalz and Galler in the Advances in Dental Research (See table of contents for this issue: ).  This assembly of manuscripts from the online issue of the ADR reports the proceedings of IADR Pulp Biology and Regeneration Group’s symposium held in Geneva, Switzerland in 2010 entitled: “Tissue injury and pulp regeneration”.  This is an important ADR issue that I am sure that clinicians and researchers in the field will greatly value.
Also, in this month’s issue of the journal you will find the IADR /AADR opening addresses from our IADR and AADR presidents Diane Rekow (  and Jeff Ebersole ( ), respectively.  They both present in their opening speeches exciting developments in oral, dental and craniofacial research and their plans in leading the associations during their presidencies.