March JDR Highlights

The March issue of the JDR leads with exciting developments showcasing advances in the discovery of new therapies in the vaccine arena for dental decay prevention ( Dan Smith from the Forsyth Institute in Cambridge comments on the paper by Shi and colleagues on how flagellin enhances saliva IgA response and protection of an anti-caries DNA vaccine (  These two papers nicely highlight how the field has evolved over time in the development of new approaches the prevention of dental caries.

Determining success and survival of dental implants continues to be a challenge in the field and Papaspyridakos and co-workers describe success criteria in oral implantology through a systematic review as a part of the clinical state-of-the-art reviews (

Hosseinpoor, Itani, and Petersen show findings from the world health survey on the health disparities as they relate to socio-economic inequality in oral healthcare coverage (  These findings have important implications to oral health in the global context.