Journal of Dental Research, 2016 Year in Review

I am pleased to update with our Journal Stakeholders (authors, readers, reviewers and editorial board members) with my annual report as Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Dental Research. This summary gives a progress report on the JDR over the past year. I believe that the journal has continued to improve, expand, and evolve as a leading source of scientific information in the dental, oral, and craniofacial sciences.  The JDR is currently ranked # 1/89 journals in Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine for Eigenfactor™ Score at 0.02331 and #2 in 2-year impact factor at 4.602, the 3rd consecutive year that the journal has exceeded 4 for SIF.  Our 5-year SIF is 5.024, another high mark. The JDR generated 16,401 citations from 233 total articles during 2014-15 (a nearly 1,000 citation increase due to the expanded content of supplements, special issue and increased citations of our articles). I feel the journal remains strong not only in these metrics, but also in other important measures of success including numbers of full-text downloads, page views, article influence score among others.

The journal owes much of this success to a team effort including Dr. Christopher Fox, Denise Streszoff, Kourtney Skinner, and Lily Knol at the JDR Headquarters in Alexandria. The editors are also fortunate to be supported by the capable staff at SAGE Publishing, including, Paulina Klein, Kate Williamson, Andrew Thompson, and Lorianne Sarsfield, who have done a fine job in developing a strong working relationship between the IADR/AADR Central Offices and SAGE to sustain the excellence of JDR.  Ms. Karen Gardner as the local editorial assistant at the University of Michigan closely supports us on the day-to-day administration of the JDR with the careful management of manuscript page proofs among the authors, our office, and SAGE. We are also highly fortunate for the outstanding dedication the associate editors: Professors Dana Graves, Jack Ferracane, Nicola Innes, Jessica Lee, Jacques Nör, Joy Richman, and our newest editor, Gustavo Garlet. I feel we continue to have a high degree of mutual respect and collaboration to make the challenging manuscript decisions given that JDR’s acceptance rate remains at ~10% on research reports.

The following are some highlights of progress of the JDR for 2016:

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